Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk: Generate Stones 2019!

The famous video game publisher Bandai Namco has finally released Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle mod apk, the newest action game from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, on Google Play and App Store. A few weeks ago this mobile game was already available for Android and iOS device users in Japan, but now it can also be downloaded for gamers in North America and Europe.

drago ball z dokkan battle mod apk
Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle mod apk

When this game was first released, many DB hard fans were surprised by the game concept that the game introduced. Instead of adopting the same gameplay as the other Dragon Ball games, this game introduces the concept of a 3D puzzle. This surely is not the first time for mobile games to use this game style, but for Dragon Ball games, this is something new. 


However, you should not be worried at all as this game still lets you experience the epic journey of Goku and friends. Want to know the best part? You can be a fighter who fights along with your favorite characters from the series! How fun is that? 

In this game, you will play as a fighter who strives to solve the problem of expanding dimensional distortion. Trunks and King Kai will guide you into each quest, explain the storyline, and offer advice in battle. 


One of the biggest portions of the game is in the board game element, where you will navigate a team of characters from one place to another and find new battles. When you enter a real battle, the appearance of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle will turn into a puzzle-based battle that will involve the game of color, speed, and accuracy in choosing like playing a puzzle game.

Bandai Namco rarely innovates in their puzzle genre games. This is also what happens with this game. This game carries a fighting style which is a combination of board games and color-matching games that have often been wara-wiri in the application store. At random, this game will determine the team of players that can be added by making an IAP purchase. Throughout the game, gamers will face other fighters, collect various items, and fight the bosses that you will meet at the end of each round. You can’t expect too much, right?

This game’s battle mechanism is very easy to understand individually. However, if you really want to master this game, you need to spend hours to find out the best way to manage the resources on the deck and apply it in battle. There are many events that you can participate in and will certainly keep you busy, such as bonus events, story events, docile events, and some limited time events.

Strategies for the Game You 

Apart from the lack of innovation offered by Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk, it does not mean this game sucks. Shortly after you finish a round, you have the opportunity to repeat the game in Hard mode and then Z-Hard which can give another chance at the pace of the game. When fighting, you will find lots of “Ki” balls in various colors. Here you have to match them to be able to do damage to opponents in front of you. You can play traditionally like other puzzle games, or you can pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the balls to form a more capable strategy. For example, a red ball is much stronger used against a yellow ball, but will not have that effect when fighting a blue ball.


In addition to that strategy, you can also change the order of fighters who will fight the enemy to better suit the opponent’s character so that you will have the upper hand. This strategy can also protect you from enemy attacks and create combo attacks. Not only that, you can also strategize by adjusting the type of fighter that matches the Ki type so that it can provide healing and special abilities.

Pleasing Graphics

dbz dokkan battle hack
dbz dokkan battle hack

Now you might be wondering; does this game offer exciting graphics like how a Dragon Ball game should do? Well, this game has an exciting fighting scene to look at. Just like the Dragon Ball anime that you’ve watched on TV, the battle takes place quickly. But to deepen the story, this game also provides a slow path. For example, every time you call a new character you can watch an animated Goku firing his Kamehameha in a slow path. This animation certainly slows down your movements in the game, but it’s still worth watching.

“I could go one step farther If I wanted to.” – Goku

Besides that, the sensation of adding new characters to your deck when unlocking ultra-rare characters feels very special. Despite having all the luxury of visuals, developers also realize that this is a mobile game, so you still have the option to reduce the visuals so that the smartphone battery stays.

Screenshot from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Generator
Screenshot from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Generator

What Do You Say?


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk provides a rare opportunity for Dragon Ball fans to experience the world of Goku via a mobile device. Although this game is fairly standard and not very innovative when it comes to the content offered, the presence of the characters in this series is too valuable for you to miss. 


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