dragon ball z dokkan battke mod

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Brings You the Nostalgic Dragon Ball Feelings

Are you a big fan of the Dragon Ball series? If you are, then there is great news for you. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod, the game that was released for the Japanese market, has been made available for the global coverage. Want to know the best part? This game is available for both iOS and Android operating systems!


Now you might be wondering, what’s so special about this game, right? This game is an action-type card game with puzzle elements. For those of you who are fans of the Dragon Ball game, you might feel a little unfamiliar with this type of puzzle element. However, it’s actually not too far-fetched from what the franchise has to offer, as this game still includes the fast-moving battle animations. This indeed brings back memories of the classic Dragon Ball battles we can find in the anime version of the franchise. 

The Gameplay

The gameplay in this game requires players to choose energy balls of various colors. The selected ball will merge with the same colored ball that is nearby. The more combinations of balls of the same color are united, the greater the attack launched at the enemy.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Bonus

Imagine you are playing the monopoly game. Each shuffle will determine the number of plots that you can step over and each plot has its own prize and penalty. That’s more or less how to play this game.

The difference is that you will be given three choices of random numbers and not one like a monopoly. Each plot will have various effects such as increasing energy, giving you items, getting attacked, and even fighting enemies. Each would affect your character in a different way, so make your choice wisely or you might regret it.

The unique thing is that given a choice of three random numbers, you can set a strategy to complete a level. So, for example, you have a low HP, then you can use this option to avoid opponents who are three plots in front of you.

You can also use this to get various items scattered on the map. This system is great because it gives more work than just going forward by pressing a button without thinking at all. It lets us use some strategy and choose our moves wisely, which could be a great experience. Especially if you are into this type of game.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod – How to Play?

Dragon ball z dokkan battle how to play

Preparing for Battle in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


The first thing you have to do is choose which enemy you will attack, adjust the position of your troops, then choose Ki Sphere to attack the enemy. Each enemy has its own type of Ki so you must position yourself and also choose an effective Ki. This may give you an advantage over the enemies.

Fight! Animation

After all this, you will see an exciting battle animation. Although it is not in the form of full animation it is still far better than most card battles which only move cards plus additional effects. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle’s animation style is similar to a slightly animated animation.

The developer also provides different animations for each character. These will appear every time they do their special movements such as spirit balls. With so many characters embedded, it’s not surprising that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan needs up to 750MB of space on your smartphone.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod

But of course, the core of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod lies in the fight. This is what really prevents its users to stop playing, especially if you are a fan of the epic saga. Most card games will put you on the bench without much you can do. This will not happen in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. You can define your own moves as the choice is in your hands.

In-App Purchases

Dragon Ball In-App Purchases

It seems that the concept of in-app purchases has been something essential for every mobile game today. This is one of the ways the developers could gain some profit anyway. What’s the bottom line? Well, this game also adopts this concept as well. However, it is not considered as the main way to win. In fact, there is only one type of item you can buy from this game, which is the Dragon Stone. With this item, you can purchase super rare characters and refill your energy.

What do You Think?

So there you have it. The Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones Mod is a great piece of reminiscence of Goku and friends’ epic journey to glory. You will be brought into the story of the beginning of Dragon Ball. But, thanks to the distortion of time, there will be enemies who appear first or not in accordance with the storyline. The good side is this is not a card battle without a storyline at all. So, you can still enjoy the cut scenes although they may not in the same order as appeared in the manga or anime. In this game, you can form up your greatest team and conquer the world of the Dragon Ball saga. Can you beat the challenges and be the champion? Let’s find out how good you are in this game!